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Summer Fling OOTD


After a long, ugly, cold and overall relentless winter, the kiss of the summer sun feels like heaven. I was blessed enough to make if down to Florida to visit my husband’s grandparents. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary…yes, 60 years of marriage. It was amazingly inspiring to see them, to feel their love, and to witness the realness that 60 years of marriage brings. Of course some bickering and pushing those now worn out buttons that still sting the nerves as if it were the first time. Then, the warm familiar smile and a secret, silent exchange that only best friends can understand and read. Almost as restoring as the summer sun, seeing long, unwavering love was the perfect way to jump start my summer. Just like relationships–love goes full circle and brings a litany of emotions with it. The true magic is finding those special people worth going full circle with.  The kimono is from Local Love Boutique. 

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