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It’s been a long time. Since December to be exact. The very month I suspected our wild plan of starting a family had commenced. My last post was holiday themed, wearing a cozy and concealing teddy coat, but soon after December there was no hiding the boundless mounds, also know as my boobs, that quickly took over, well…. EVERYTHING!

And to think I had busty girl problems before getting pregnant, HA! Child’s play. MONTHS before the baby bump even thought about forming, the girls got the message and proceeded to banish any hope I had of fitting properly into my pre-pregnancy clothing. I know as far as pregnancy symptoms go, it’s not the worst thing to deal with, but it’s certainly been a lesson on trusting the journey and realizing sometimes, you just don’t have control and have to go with the flow.

Four months later, I’m started to find a groove with bump friendly and maternity clothes, now that my body is starting to balance out a little more. A heaven send has been the Stowaway Collection. I’ve discovered some fantastic, effortless dresses that can easily be worn on a casual weekend, brunch and definitely for the professional millennial women, who values looking her best without the extra fuss, because nobody has time for that.

These are two of my favorite looks: the Uptown dress in coral and the City Maternity & Nursing dress. I styled the Uptown dress with a BB Dakota drapery leather jacket and the City dress with a Topshop Moto Jacket.

Ladies, please share any tips, suggestions and finds for maternity/nursing clothes and of course all things “new mom” related! Looking forward to connecting on this new journey! 

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