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Merry, Bright and Cozy Holiday Outfit

The holidays mean a lot of different things for so many people.

For me, I credit my parents for giving my sister, and cousins and I an unbelievably consistent, happy holiday filled with so much joy, gospel and sweet memories all exclimated by loud banter, tons of laughter and amazing food.

As an adult, I’ve upheld most of those traditions, but really this time of the year has turned into a time of introspection, taking time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t, how I can be better for myself and others, and zeroing in on the people that bring me the most joy and feed my soul. Gifts given are a symbol of gratitude and pure appreciation. I love the buzz of the collective giddy holiday joy that courses through offices this time of the year like waves. Chatter in the lunchroom is more boisterous and the laughs are heartier.

I’m always surprised and optimistic to get that familiar greeting and spontaneous conversation from that one coworker that’s seen you hundreds of times, but has never said anything. Filled with either holiday joy or the excitement of a 4 day weekend (or both), all of sudden conversation is flowing like we’ve talked everyday. I like to think the this time of the year brings out the best in people. I implore everyone to take this time to find your reason for the season. Outside of shopping and eating and making cookies. Find your WHY. And when you do, let’s all try to keep that same energy into 2019!

Thank you ALL for your continued support and for always rooting for me. It means more than you could ever know. Wishing you all the BEST holiday and Happy New Year!!

Outfit Details: Boots are Vince Camuto, Jacket is from Urban Outfitters, Jeans and black shell are from Zara.

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