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Nike and Zella Athletic Wear

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Summer 18′ will be here before you know it folks!  What I’ve learned in my fitness journey, is that lasting results can only be achieved through healthy habits and a routine that’s practiced until it becomes a lifestyle.

And part of that lifestyle is having clothing that keeps you inspired, confident and motivated to move.  I’ve never met a pair of high-waisted legging I didn’t like, but these Zella “live in” leggings are on another level.   The material is thick and the high waisted panel keeps your lower abs supported and taught. I’ve been inseparable from my Nike Air Max sneakers as well, can you blame me?  Also, these are the perfect leggings for this Nike crop top sweatshirt.  It gives you the perfect amount of coverage to workout with confidence.

Tips for a Fit Start to the Day


Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, quieting your mind and establishing positive vibes will help you attack the day, with the best results.  When in doubt, reframe everything from a mindset of gratitude.  Shift your focus from what you want and don’t have, to what you are grateful to have and set positive affirmations for the things you set out to achieve.


Squeeze some lemon juice into your water in the morning to start your day.  This helps to promote alkalinity (the ability for water to neutralize acids) and it’s a great way to get a natural energy boost.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

This natural potion has SO many amazing benefits, but I typically start my morning with a shot of this for energy and weight loss.  It also helps to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol.

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