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Mat Velvet + Foundation Review

Vanessa Freeman Makeup
Make Up For Ever, Mat Velvet Foundation $36

In my previous “What’s in my Bag” videos, I’ve mentioned that my go-to foundation for the last couple years has been Stila All Day Foundation & Concealer.  But I was on the quest for a summer foundation that would work well on TV.  After some research and consulting with my fellow TV people, the general consensus was that Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + was a winner.

I gave it a try at Sephora and made the purchase.  I’ve been wearing it now for about three weeks and I love it!  But with any foundation there are pro’s and con’s.  There are something things about the foundation that may not work for everybody.   Check out my thoughts below:

–  The great thing about  Mat Velvet +  is that it instantly matifies your completion, creating a beautiful smooth canvas before you apply your contouring, do your blush and eye shadow, etc.  But make sure you moisturize well before applying this foundation.  This product is perfect for those with oily skin since it’s oil-free and designed to decrease shine.

– If you have dry to combination skin like me, you may experience some dry patching in those areas that need a little more moisture.  And for those with really dry skin, the finish of this product may actually come across a bit ashy.  I wouldn’t recommend this to folks with dry skin.  Compared to Stila foundation which is super hydrating and creamy, I noticed that difference right away.  But if you have oily/super oily skin, this foundation will be your new BFF.

–  This foundation is PERFECT for photos and television.  Again, compared to Stila foundation, which gives you full coverage but maintains that “skin” look and texture… Mat Velvet + gives you amazing full coverage with what I like to call, a “baby doll” finish.  Meaning it seals up almost all of  your pores and natural skin texture and makes it super soft, velvety and a bit muted (you won’t get glow or dewy finish to your skin with this product).

Over all, if you are looking for the quintessential flawless,  full face make up look, this the perfect product, especially for the summer.  I would consider this a “heavy duty” foundation, because of the lasting power,  full coverage and its ability to meet the demands of HD cameras.  With that being said, it is buildable coverage.    So if you just want a more natural look, with the mat finish, you can achieve it with this product.  For my on camera look it takes about two good squeezes if foundation for full coverage.  One of the biggest selling points about this foundation is its lightweight coverage and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing pounds of makeup. Make sure you moisturize and use a primer/beauty balm before apply the foundation for extra protection and staying power.

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