Pepperberry White Shirt

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 Button-Down White Shirt

There is nothing like finding the perfect white, collared button-down shirt.   Although it may be a long road to finding it, the reward of having a crisp, perfectly fitted closet staple is  priceless.  I’m all about finding a custom fit, and short of going to a seamstress, this Pepperberry button down will put you in the game.

Having a larger bust for me always meant having that struggle button that won’t quite secure, and could pop and hit someone in the eye at any moment.  With this shirt you can plug in your measurements and have the bust section properly suited, while still having a tailored fit in the waist.  Of course, a white button-down shirt can be styled so many different ways throughout every season, so it’s important you invest in a good one.  Here’s how I styled mine on a summer day–giving some “girl on the farm” REALNESS!

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