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David Zyla - Color Your StyleI usually don’t post pics of my daily outfits, but today this dress got lots of compliments, so I thought I would chat about it!  Now, this dress is one of my personal favs, mainly because it effortlessly fits my chest, which is ALWAYS a task 🙁 .  David Zyla, celebrity stylist to the stars told me that women with a larger bust area should lean towards the classic cuts of the 1950’s.  Cinched waists, a little flair in the bottom of the dress and a framing neckline is the perfect compliment to an hourglass figure.   It’s trial and error, especially when you are dressing for TV, but David has great info for everyone, men and women,  in his new book!  He takes you through everything–how to find your perfect shade of red by pinching your finger tips, and looking at the color of your veins to see what darker shade is the best for you.  It may sounds a little odd at first, but the man is spot on! Check him out and get your copy today!

Happy Styling!!

<3 VFree


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