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A Day in NYC

City GirlI can NEVER get enough of the Big Apple!  I don’t quite know what it is, maybe it’s the impeccably dressed business people, or the eclectic NYC tenants who just refuse to have just one little lap dog as a pet (makes for great people watching lol).  I’d like to think it’s the East Coast girl in me; can’t have the suburbs without the grit of the city at arms length.  Either way, New York City always leave me wanting MORE.  Each visit is different, filled with new people, new street vendors and restaurants  you don’t know how you missed the last time you were there. Not to mention new hidden treasures at every turn.  Even though I’ve been there more times then I can remember, I always appreciate the jolt of energy I get when I return.


V__9A6BV__A327So, about those vendors… :-).  I went scarf crazy this trip, mainly because I’m heading to Hawaii soon and wanted some fun accessories.  But really, you can’t go wrong with scarfs. From turbans to the more traditional head wraps, they are the perfect accessory for a lazy day when you don’t feel like doing your hair, and you still want to look semi put together.  Or if you’re at the beach and are going for an easy breezy look.  FYI, with the right texture scarf and wrapping technique you can actually pull off chic looks as well.

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[blockquote indent=”yes” ]Across the street from the Heliport! [/blockquote]

Veterans Memorial

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[blockquote indent=”yes” ]My AMAZING Hubby, Hakim and I LOVE to eat.  So he took me to one of his favorite burger joints in Manhattan, Burger Burger[/blockquote]












I know, I’m a cheap date ;-).  But trust me when I say the burger was out of this WORLD!

[msgbox type=”warn” show_icon=”yes” ]Disclaimer: Mouth may start to water excessively[/msgbox]


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[blockquote indent=”yes” ]Not a bird or a plane.  It’s a advertisement.  We are in NYC after[/blockquote]


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In addition to the INCREDIBLE street food vendors, we ventured into the artsy area of West Village and saw an UNBELIEVABLE street artist!  This guy makes copper mesh 3D relief sculptures.  But get this, when sunlight or a spotlight is pointed at the sculpture from different angles its shadow creates a sketch on the white paper that its mounted on!!!! We stood there watching this artist form his creations and are still in disbelief.


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