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Local Boutique on Wheels


I have a confession to make…I, Vanessa Freeman, am obsessed with boutique shopping!  This epiphany didn’t come over night–it was rather a sequence of wallet compromising situations that brought me to this realization.  Sure, it’s fun to shop at the mall, who doesn’t love retail therapy after a hard week at work or just some shopping cardio to break up a lethargic weekend.  However, if your like me; a 20-something girl trying to find the perfect marrying of trend and classic. The selections at the those stores (i.e, Forever 21) can become rather vapid. Then on that fateful Wednesday afternoon, God answered my prayers in the form a big, mint colored boutique truck.

Now, prior to this I have always been drawn to the quaint, classic and charming environment boutiques usually provide.  Their wide array of particular styles, borrow from trends and add a classic touch of luxury.  Making me you feel more like Kerry Washington on Scandal and less like your 21-year-old little sister at Wet Seal.

Anyway, back to the big, mint truck… Ok, so this is what they call a boutique on wheels.  I know, amazing idea right?  Think about a food truck, but instead of giving out hot dogs and hamburgers, you get cardigans and statement necklaces instead.  #heaven


Vanessa Freeman Jewelry
The Jewelry I purchased!

Check out my interview with the Owner, Beth Presher!

Follow them: @roamingboutique

P.S.  Be sure to take advantage of their $20 “Local Love” t-shirts.  They are cute, comfy, and proceeds go to a local food bank <3

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