Who Is Vanessa?

Vanessa Freeman is an anchor for Cheddar Big News. Prior to joining Cheddar, she was an anchor and reporter for News 12 Networks in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Throughout her career, she has covered every aspect of news, from hard-hitting stories, politics to entertainment. Vanessa is also a former co-host of NBC’s local lifestyle show, Living Dayton. She has also hosted and produced video content seen on MSN and AOL. Additionally, Vanessa has covered a wide range of local and national stories in both the Poconos and Maryland. A highlight of her early career was her political coverage while working at NBC News and MSNBC, where she covered the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama and served as a White House field producer.

Vanessa is the creator of the popular lifestyle blog, LifeStyleXpressOnline.com and founder of the non-profit, 1 Woman 4 All, Inc. She’s also a proud member of the National Association of Black Journalists.