No dream is too big and no person is too small

Vanessa-FreemanEveryday we interview great folks in Dayton, promoting their businesses, events and sometimes even themselves.  Each person has a vivid story and a way about them that sticks with me.  But by far, the person I could not shake was 9-year-old, Max Charles.  Born right in Kettering, his acting career stared at the age of 6.  And even then, his mom told me he begged her to audition for a role in The Amazing Spider Man.  Armed with only his ability to say the alphabet and no training or prior experience in the acting field, he auditioned and landed the role of young Tony Parker in the blockbuster.

I was enamored by his enthusiasm, amazing confidence and great spirit.  So many of us have goals and dreams–some deferred or some simply buried away by time and the pursuit of something “realistic.”   I think Max shows us no dream is ever too big, you are never too small and most of all, it’s never too late…or early in his case ;-).  #KeepTheDreamsAlive

Local Big-Screen Star

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