Who Is Vanessa?

Vanessa Freeman is a TV Host, Anchor, Reporter, Blogger and Philanthropist. Currently, Vanessa can be seen anchoring for News 12 Networks. Throughout her career, Vanessa has covered every aspect of news, from hard-hitting stories, politics to entertainment. Vanessa is a former co-host of NBC’s local lifestyle show, Living Dayton. She has also hosted and produced video content seen on MSN and AOL. Additionally, Vanessa has covered a wide range of local and national stories in both the Poconos and Maryland.  A highlight of her early career was her political coverage while working at NBC News and MSNBC, where she covered the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama and served as a White House field producer.

Vanessa is the creator of the popular lifestyle blog, LifeStyleXpressOnline.com and founder of the non-profit, 1 Woman 4 All, Inc. She’s also a proud member of the National Association of Black Journalists.