1 Women 4 All ​ is a global, non-profit media company geared towards women’s empowerment; comprised of women from different walks of life, careers and ethnic backgrounds. This network of women is dedicated to bringing attention to national and international women’s issues through creative campaigning and utilizing multimedia. We are dedicated to empowering women through education and health resources. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so lets empower ALL women!


The purpose of ​1 Women 4 All, Inc​ is to raise awareness and funds for issues that are affecting women nationally and internationally.  The organization’s main goal is to inspire women to take responsibility for one another, as essential pieces of our global society.  Through generating awareness, support, and funding, we will have the ability to provide women in impoverished communities with vital resources, such as health services and education.  Funding will support the building of educational facilities and clinics for women and children throughout Africa. Domestically, the organization will provide meaningful and enriching programs for young girls and women, as well as material resources.  This organization will plant the seed of responsibility in women of all ages, ethnicity and beliefs by using the stories of women to bond them to a common goal.